In 2022, the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP) celebrated its 40th anniversary and a strong track record navigating several democracy and civic participation priorities. FCCP provides year-round learning, strategy and collaborative opportunities and resources in critical areas of civic participation–including voting rights, election protection, census, redistricting, emerging electorates and philanthropic practice. Through regularly scheduled programming, education, resource development and distribution, technical assistance, and monitoring major public policy developments, FCCP mobilizes philanthropic partners to meet collective goals.

Our work is rooted in the following values:

  • Participation and representation – Protecting and expanding the right of all people to
    participate and be represented in our democracy.
  • Justice for all – Prioritizing equitable outcomes that lead to liberation for systemically
    oppressed communities.
  • Reparative and intersectional – Repairing current and past wrongs, including the use of
    race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, nationality, place, class, and other
    identities – both alone and in combination – to exclude people from our democracy.
  • Creative, rigorous, and transformative – Supporting an innovative, iterative, and thought-
    provoking network that welcomes experimentation and invests in effective tools for transformation.
  • Truth, healing, and reconciliation – Leading with strength and understanding about the
    lived experiences of those who have been systemically oppressed, being honest about what
    is at stake, and creating pathways to restore trust.