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At a macro level, the 2010 Census appeared to be close to perfect. The Census Bureau reported a net national overcount of 0.01% in 2010, a number not statistically different from zero. Similarly, no state had a statistically significant net undercount, according to Census Bureau estimates. But the apparent precision can be misleading and doesn’t tell the whole story. This Fact Sheet discusses what we know about census accuracy and why it matters to funders and their grantees.

Making Money for Impact- 10 Approaches to Revenue for Social Change

For impact-driven organizations, making money isn’t just about hitting the bottom line. It’s about resilience. Revenue is the means by which we make — and continue to grow — our impact. This guide from New Media Ventures can help funders — both donors and investors — learn how they can better support impact groups.

Census Update: What’s in Store for 2017?

In January 2017, a new President and a new Congress will take the nation’s federal governing reins. The implications of the 2016 elections for public policy are vast and largely unknown. But there are a few things we know for certain: The Trump Administration will oversee the 2020 Census, and the new Administration and 115th Congress are positioned to influence key policy decisions affecting the next constitutionally required population count and related American Community Survey (ACS). We hope the broad, consequential nature of these decisions will spur funders to support an accurate 2020 Census and robust ACS through investments in policy work and get-out-the-count campaigns. Here are the major issues to watch in the coming months.

Member Resource Census Public Opinion Poll Results

Get up to speed on public opinion research on the Census including best practices for talking about the Census and the American Community Survey (ACS), messages that work best for different demographic groups, and other data on the Census and ACS.

Integrated Voter Engagement

This infographic illustrates the key elements which make up Integrated Voter Engagement, a nonprofit strategy that blends year-round nonpartisan voter engagement with community-organizing activities to build a strong base of support that can strengthen an organization's ability to hold decision-makers accountable, impact public policy and build long-term power for the communities they serve.


David vs. Goliath: How Arizona Advocates Won Victories in the Fight Against Extremism

Despite a 2016 election season which saw the rise of xenophobic rhetoric, advocates in Arizona have surprised many by successfully pushing back against anti-immigrant bills in the state legislature, defeating leading anti-immigration figure Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and winning a ballot initiative to increase the state’s minimum wage.

Member Resource The Census Policy Framework: Field + Communications Actions

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With the decennial census just a few years away, a number of key policy decisions are being made that will determine whether we have a fair and accurate census. This framework provides advocacy strategies for policies that support a full enumeration and for protection of the American Community Survey (ACS).