Philanthropy Must Engage as Bureau Begins 2030 Planning

The next census may seem in the distant future, but the Census Bureau is already inviting the public to share their input and ideas for an improved 2030 Census through a Federal Register Notice. The Bureau will give careful consideration to the recommendations it receives through this process, as it researches, tests, and plans the 2030 Census operational design. Since this is the first opportunity for philanthropy to help ensure a more fair and accurate count, FCCP’s Funders’ Census Initiative developed guidance, along with a template comment, to encourage foundations, donors, philanthropy serving organizations, and others to share insights with the Bureau.

Notes: Comments must be submitted by November 15. Submitting comments to a federal executive branch agency such as the Census Bureau is not considered lobbying, and is therefore permissible by private foundations).

To receive access to the template or to let us know that your institution plan to submit comments, please email FCCP’s Special Projects Director Jocelyn Bissonnette:  

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