The 2021-2022 redistricting cycle that follows the 2020 Census is a critical opportunity for communities to build power, ensure equitable political representation, and address systemic inequities for the next decade. Gerrymandering – a modern-day form of voter suppression — has occurred through redistricting processes across the country over decades. The extent to which communities are fairly represented profoundly influences policies and resources for issues like education, health care, economic development, infrastructure, and the environment.

FCCP’s redistricting program is designed to engage, educate, and mobilize funders to invest in redistricting, with a particular focus on historically undercounted, under-resourced, and underrepresented communities. Our efforts focus primarily on outreach to and facilitating connections among national, state, and community-based funders, programming, and resource development. This work is conducted in partnership with Fair Representation in Redistricting (FRR) and the United Philanthropy Forum.

Fair Representation in Redistricting: Building on the unprecedented collaboration around the 2020 Census, a set of foundations established, with nonprofit leaders, the Fair Representation in Redistricting initiative, which includes support for civic organizations and coalitions in targeted states to advance community-centered redistricting; research and mitigation strategies to promote the continued use of total population for drawing districts; and national support services to enable fair maps across states. The initiative is designed to achieve:

  • Redistricting processes in targeted states are transparent and include robust public input–with particular attention to involvement by historically underrepresented communities
  • All states utilize total population for drawing districts
  • State maps comply fully with the Voting Rights Act

Fair Representation in Redistricting (FRR) and the State Infrastructure Fund (SIF) have a Community Redistricting Litigation Fund. Learn more about that initiative here.

Funder Resources

Redistricting Listserv

FCCP maintains a Redistricting Listserv to keep philanthropy up-to-date on the latest developments, programming, and resources related to redistricting. The listserv is open to funders, affinity groups, and other philanthropic organizations. To join the listserv, please complete this form.

Redistricting Funder Toolkit 

This Redistricting Funder Toolkit includes general information about redistricting, specific guidance about how to invest and engage, and template resources for funders that want to understand why this work is critical to ensure fair representation. 

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General Resources

All About Redistricting 

All About Redistricting is a one-stop shop that includes historical information about redistricting and is also tracking the rules, progress, and litigation for each state in real time.

Data Hub 

The Redistricting Data Hub hosts data for all fifty states (including precinct shape files, historic election results, demographic data, and population projections) and can assist community advocates, the general public, academics, and the media to produce Community of Interest testimony, draw legally admissible district maps, or evaluate the effects of others’ maps.

Redistricting 101

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Drawing Democracy – Summary Report (Massachusetts)