Digital Transformation Series

2020 and the global pandemic required us to tap into technology and digital skills more than ever before. Any plans for deep, in-person engagement were limited and often all together paused. Organizations and campaigns had to pivot and exponentially expand digital programming to achieve needed engagement levels for a massive year of civic participation opportunities. While these pivots shortened planning and implementation timelines, and required unprecedented nimbleness, they also pushed us to be flexible and to embrace innovation and testing in the pursuit of our goals. 

From the census, to COVID-19 relief efforts, to elections, so much has been learned about how digital practices and data infrastructure can support long term power building. We’ve also been able to identify gaps that exist and the ongoing challenges and inequities that we need to address in order to ensure these strategies stay in line with our values and imperatives for a just society. 

This program series from FCCP and Resilient Democracy Fund will provide opportunities for philanthropy to learn best practices from the field and to understand how funders can support this work. Join us to think holistically about civic engagement innovation and digital transformation underway with an orientation around race, power building, and practice in addition to data, tools, and technology. 

  • Further discussions include:
    • State of Progressive Data, Access, Systems, and Policy: Inputs, Gaps, and Must Haves
    • Barriers to Entry: Systemic Challenges for Women, Communities of Color, and Rural Organizers
    • Wrap up for the year and looking ahead to 2022