Funders Census Initiative

What is the Funders Census Initiative?

The Funders Census Initiative (FCI) is an ad hoc working group, housed at the Funders' Committee for Civic Participation, which is committed to stimulating interest in the Census among funders and their grantees. It works to move both groups to support, contribute, and engage in efforts for a fair and accurate decennial count, with a focus on hard-to-count communities. In 2010 FCI helped mobilize over $34 million in philanthropic support nationwide for the census.

Why We Organized

Accurate census data are essential for the fair distribution of political representation at the national, state, and local levels, and for the fair allocation of government resources. More than 450 billion federal and state dollars are distributed to communities based on census data. Yet historically, the census has missed disproportionate numbers of racial minorities, immigrants, children, and the poor, leading to inequality in political power, government funding, and private-sector investment for these communities. By supporting grantees work on the census, FCI works to achieve a democracy where everyone is counted so everybody counts.

What We Offer

FCI 2020 offers the following support for grantmakers intersted in the census:

  • Webinars and briefings
  • 2020 Census fact sheets and analyses
  • Regular updates on census issues
  • Forums for funder and grantee collaboration
  • Direct assistance to funders
  • Liaison with Census Bureau officials and staff
  • Trouble-shooting for grantees
  • Helpful resources

Learn More + Get Involved

2020 Census Updates + Resources (news, briefs, fact sheets and other information) 

A list of useful links to census websites is on the left.

If you have a question, wish to join the working group or would like FCCP to post a resource, please contact asinha(at)

Funders Census Initiative 2010 Archives

The links below catalog ongoing census updates and information to assist funders in the lead-up to the 2020 Census as well as the archives from funder involvement in the 2010 Census.

FCI 2010 - Final Evaluation Reports
FCCP's final reports documenting the efforts and impact of the Funders Census Initiative in 2010.

FCI 2010 Resource Archives
Reports, PowerPoints, fact sheets, toolkits, reports, data, maps, guides, news and more!


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