Alejandra Ruiz, Interim Co-Chair

Alejandra Ruiz Headshot

Executive Director

Youth Engagement Fund

    A native of Colombia, Alejandra Ruiz was raised in Queens, NYC and became an immigrant rights advocate 18 years ago when she first shared her story as an undocumented youth. She serves as the Executive Director of the Youth Engagement Fund (YEF) where she resources leaders and organizations building the voice and voting power of youth and young adults of color, primarily in the South and Southwest. Alejandra’s leadership has advanced efforts in shifting white supremacist philanthropic practices towards principles and operations that center the care and voice of communities of color. Prior to joining YEF, Alejandra was Director of Donor Organizing and Advising at the Movement Voter Project and served as Development Director of United We Dream, the nation’s largest immigrant youth-led network. She coaches youth on fundraising, career, and workforce development. Alejandra is a Philanthropy Forward alum and holds a B.S. in Urban & Regional Studies from Cornell University.

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