Evan Bacalao is a program officer with the Open Society Foundations, where he manages a range of civic participation and advocacy initiatives focused on the resilience and representativeness of U.S. democracy. Previously at OSF, Evan led a cross-program portfolio seeking to build independent power among communities of color, via support for multi-issue state-based organizing groups, leadership development, census advocacy, and participatory redistricting.  

Prior to joining Open Society in 2015, Evan was a senior leader for the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund, where he led the organization’s multi-state civic engagement team, and oversaw a range of programs including promotion of/assistance with naturalization, voter mobilization and protection, census participation, original research, and information dissemination. Under his leadership, the department placed increased focus on state and national coalition-building, regional outreach campaigns, and capacity-building with local Latinx-serving nonprofits.

Evan joined NALEO as research associate in the policy, research, and advocacy department, where he wrote public reports and testimony based on demographic and electoral participation data, and assisted with advocacy efforts such as the Voting Rights Act reauthorization of 2006.

Prior to joining the nonprofit world, Evan was a political fundraiser. He is also a proud naturalized citizen, emerging baker, and occasional gardener.

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