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August 22, 2017 3:00pm - 4:00pm EDT

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Ashish Sinha

Hosted by the FCCP Money in Politics Working Group

This webinar is open to funders and invited speakers only.


Co-sponsored with Philanthropy New York.

For decades, there’s been a push to insinuate special interests deeper into the fabric of our political processes. Private wealth floods our elections while global corporations and financial institutions push to profit from our most essential public services, like water. In this current moment, how do we harness our collective grassroots power to overcome this rigged system and its corrosive influence on our democracy?

Moderated by Melissa Spatz, Piper Fund [bio]


  • Gigi Kellett, Corporate Accountability International [bio]
  • Saqib Bhatti, Action Center on Race and the Economy [bio]
  • Charles Goodman, NAACP, Atlantic City


As with all FCCP events, the subject matter is strictly limited to non-partisan discussion as outlined in the agenda.