Despite the Northwest’s progressive reputation, our state has not lived up to promises of protecting and defending voting rights for all people. Young people and people of color vote at far lower rates than the overall population and experience real barriers to participation, including a lack of in-language materials for our rapidly growing immigrant communities — which make up 15% of the state population and a growing part of the electorate.

The Washington Voting Justice Coalition‘s mission is to build and sustain a movement that increases civic participation by changing the power structures that deny certain people meaningful access to having their votes counted and their voices heard in our democracy. Their goal is to pass statewide policy that expands access to voting in Washington state through automatic voter registration, pre-registration for young people, same-day voter registration, postage paid ballots, increased language and disability access, and more.

Hear directly from members of the Washington Voting Justice Coalition about:

  • Building a winning coalition led by people of color, grounded in expanding participation and achieving just outcomes
  • Current polling and research
  • Policy design and the political landscape
  • Why “how” we win in Washington matters for the fight nationally

Moderated by Esther Handy, Deputy Director, Progress Alliance of Washington [bio]

Panelists included members of the Washington Voting Justice Coalition

  • Cara Bilodeau, Program Director, Win/Win Network [bio]
  • Oskar Zambrano, Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement Programs Manager, Latino Community Fund [bio]
  • Spencer Olson, Communications Hub Director, Fuse Washington [bio]
  • Rosanna Donoso Barredo, Washington New Americans Program Associate, One America [bio]

Questions? Please contact Esther Handy at:


WA Voting Justice Donor Briefing Presentation

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