A Win For The Environment, A Win For Democracy

The Case For Collaboration

FCCP’s Money in Politics Working Group’s programmatic focus in 2013 was to broaden the money-in-politics conversation and draw connections between the corportization of democracy and other social justice issues, specifically the environment.  Simultaneously, there have been conversations happening for the past several years within the philanthropic community to look at how to broaden the money-in-politics conversation and work.
In the context of those explorations, many of you have asked how we continue to foster more collaborations in the field and in philanthropy as it relates to money-in-politics  and the environment.  So, together with our friends at the Fund for the Republic and the Piper Fund, we drafted this paper to offer funders a bird’s-eye-view of  what partnerships already exist and where there are exciting opportunities to forge new collaborations.  It’s by no means exhaustive and simply highlights a few projects with the hope that we’ll build off this paper going forward.


the_case_for_collaboration_final_1.pdf | 402 KB