2023 FCCP Network Award Recipients

This year, FCCP presented two Network Member Awards during our annual convening in New Orleans. Our network has many very talented, transformational leaders who demonstrate and help to advance FCCP’s vision and mission. We know funders do not often recognize the importance of their own philanthropic practices. However, we believe it is important to celebrate and honor those individuals and institutions in our network whose groundbreaking work is vital to creating an open and equitable democracy. Meet our 2023 award recipients: Angela H. Cheng and trellis stepter.

Angela H.  Cheng is the inaugural recipient of our FCCP Network Leader Award. The Network Leader Award honors an individual affiliated with an FCCP member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in service of FCCP’s vision, mission, and values. 

trellis stepter is the inaugural recipient of the FCCP Legacy Award. The Legacy Award honors an institutional FCCP member or an individual affiliated with an FCCP member (or that has sunsetted within the past two years), for their significant contributions to advancing FCCP’s mission, vision, and values for many years. 

Thank you so much for your hard work in the field. We value your work and we value you.  Congratulations, Angela and trellis!