2022-2032 Strategic Plan Overview

trategic Plan Cover: Image of a city block featuring a mural that says Voting Rights are Human Rights with a wash of yellow over the whole image. At the top on a red background in white it says FUNDERS' COMMITTEE FOR CIVIC PARTICIPATION, with 2022-2032 STRATEGIC PLAN on a teal background with white text below it

In November 2021, the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP) launched our strategic planning process to develop our vision, mission, strategy, goals, and tactics for the next decade. After 40 rich years of organizing, learning, and convening, we sought to honor our history and prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

We are excited to announce the release of our 2022-2032 Strategic Plan overview. This overview shares the vision, mission, and values that will guide our work over the next decade and beyond as we seek to shift power to the people. Thank you to the FCCP Advisory Board, the broader philanthropic and practitioner communities, and our members for their participation in interviews, focus groups, and visioning sessions. Because of you, we have a strategic plan that will not only ground our work for the next decade, but also prepare FCCP to boldly approach the next 40 years with zeal, tenacity, and clarity of purpose.

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