Voting Rights at Risk

Proof of Citizenship for Registration

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The decision by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to require that voters provide proof-of-citizenship in order to register to vote in several states may pose a significant blow to voting rights and have a chilling effect on voter-registration efforts. In response, a coalition of voting-rights organizations has sued the EAC to block this unilateral decision by executive director Brian Newby, and EAC Commissioner Thomas Hicks issues a scathing letter condemning the action. Meanwhile, proof of citizenship policies are also being challenged under the National Voter Registration Act.  This briefing is a discussion about these threats to voting rights, how groups are organizing to push back, and what it means for your philanthropic work.

Moderated by Karen Narasaki, State Infrastructure Fund


  • Jon Greenbaum, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law
  • Dale Ho, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Lloyd Leonard, League for Women Voters
  • Wendy Weiser, Brennan Center for Justice