2016 “Make Your Data Count” Campaign

Promoting Docket-time Reporting as a Democracy Funder Best Practice

Thanks to investments from FCCP network funders and participation from so many in our field, the Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy (FFUSD) mapping database by the Foundation Center is fast becoming an indispensable tool for helping funders, nonprofits, journalists and anyone else interested in understanding philanthropy’s role in U.S. democracy.

As with any database, the tool is only as good as the data it holds. And when it comes to our election-cycle work, timing is everything!

The best time to submit your grantmaking data to the Foundation Center is at docket time – rather than through your institutions year-end 990s. This helps ensure that information about who is funding what, where, and in what amounts is as up to date as possible.

In 2016, FCCP launched the Make Your Data Count campaign to promote the best practice of submitting grants at docket time. We began asking members through the annual dues form when they are submitting, and we utilized our network newsletter to send quarterly reminders.

If you’re not already reporting your grant data to the Foundation Center at docket time, just two simple steps will get you on your way.  


Four Reasons to Explore the Tool + Submit Your Democracy-related Grants to the Foundation Center at Docket Time

See for Yourself How Useful the Tool Can Be

View the Infographic Series Built from Data in the Tool!

This tool is really cool! But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how the Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy database can help you and your grantees broaden your knowledge of the funding landscape, identify additional funding sources, and understand where your philanthropic dollars can have the most impact.

In his PhilanTopic blogpost, FCCP’s own Eric Marshall shows how the tool was used to contrast the civic engagement funding landscapes in Arizona, California, and Texas, and gleans from the data a valuable lesson for both state and national funders.

Thank You, Docket-time Reporters!

FCCP applauds the following institutions who are making their data count by reporting their democracy-related grants to the Foundation Center at docket time:

Woodbury Fund


Are you submitting at docket time? Let us know and we’ll add your institution to the list!