Over the last few years, a growing body of research data has provided important insights that have better informed our civic engagement grantmaking and driven more effective programming in the field. But much of the current research happens in silos, and is often undertaken in a proprietary manner by analysts and clients, and is not widely disseminated where the findings can help inform the strategies of others. In addition, too few people participate in framing research agendas, and too few are able to adjust their programs in light of the innovations and best practices that are developed through that research.

The civic participation field also lacks criteria and methodologies for measuring the broader impact of integrated voter engagement efforts beyond more easily quantifiable data on election mobilization itself, thus we undervalue the longer-term work it takes to develop strong leaders and build organizations that can win on issues that matter in the communities we care about.

Join us and help build a shared understanding of research and experiments, and develop best practices to guide conducting them so that funders can make more strategic investments and the field can become more effective in their efforts to make our democracy work better for everyone.  

Research + Experimentation Working Group Leadership Team

Kelly Beadle

Win Minnesota

Scott Nielsen

Arabella Advisors

Ilona Prucha, Co-Chair

Wellspring Philanthropic Fund