Renee is a Program Officer at the General Service Foundation (GSF), where she created and continues to manage a grantmaking program aimed at building state-based infrastructure to advance civic engagement and progressive causes in Colorado. Renee was Vice President of the Board for State Voices. She serves on the Steering Committee of the Funders Committee for Civic Participation, and co-leads the State Infrastructure Funders Table, a working group of FCCP. Prior to her state infrastructure funding, she worked in environmental philanthropy, with leadership at the Environmental Grantmakers Association and on the board of the Water Funders Alliance.  She was the Managing Director of the W.C. Kenney Watershed Protection Foundation, where she developed a leadership-oriented grantmaking program.  Renee also plays an advisory role for, a triple-bottom-line business transforming the office products industry to a sustainable future. When not at work, Renee loves hiking, exploring, and eating her way through San Francisco with her family.