Kristin Purdy

Former Executive Director

    Kristin Purdy (she/her) has dedicated her career to engaging communities and helping build local power for positive change. Before joining the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation, Kristin worked in a variety of roles supporting progressive organizations, candidates, and issue campaigns in achieving their goals and creating a more equitable society. Most recently as a strategist for GPS Impact, she provided strategic support to philanthropic partners, helped to build state civic engagement tables throughout the South, and built scalable training programs for national advocacy organizations. Prior to that, she was at 270 Strategies where she created integrated grassroots and digital engagement programs, led strategic planning processes, and trained campaign and advocacy staff.

    Her passion for people-powered movements began in her work as a community organizer, where she learned the importance of relationship building and empowering local communities to participate in the civic space. She sharpened her organizing skills and developed a love of metrics while working on both Obama presidential campaigns. In Michigan in 2008 and Ohio in 2012, she led organizing efforts to develop community leaders and increase voter participation in critical urban areas.

    Through her advocacy experience at the Alliance for Biking and Walking, Transportation for America, and the Coalition for Smarter Growth, Kristin has worked at the federal and local levels to build campaigns, coalitions, and volunteer organizations in support of sustainable and equitable transportation and development policies.

    She lives in the District of Columbia, though remains a proud Michigander and graduate of the University of Michigan.