Daniel Lau

Headshot Daniel Lau

Democracy Frontlines Fund Initiative Officer

The Libra Foundation

    Daniel is working towards a world where socioeconomic demographics do not determine life outcomes and where all people have their needs met and can co-exist peacefully. A child of Chinese immigrant food service workers, Daniel grew up working class, acutely aware of the socioeconomic inequities he saw within his community. His lived experiences stewarded the morals that he holds close – justice, empathy, and a sense of humanity for all people.

    “Since philanthropy is the direct outgrowth of unchecked capitalism, extractive economies, and white supremacy, it is our responsibility to fund those organizing to create new realities,” says Daniel. As the initiative officer for the Democracy Frontlines Fund (DFF), Daniel manages all aspects of the Fund including grantmaking, donor organizing, curriculum development, and communications. He approaches his work with vulnerability, deep listening, and humor, and his favorite parts of his role are amplifying DFF’s movement partners and supporting funder allies to be and do better.

    Previously, Daniel worked with Northern California Grantmakers, managing programs focused on advancing racial equity and leadership in the philanthropic community. Before NCG, he focused on health equity by supporting cross-sector collaboration among community developers and health practitioners at the Public Health Institute. He worked in asset building and economic development at Mission Asset Fund and led the expansion of the Lending Circles social loan program.

    Daniel is an alumnus of Justice Funders’ Harmony Initiative, Urban Habitat’s Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute, and the Congressional Hunger Center’s Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship. He is a former EPIP Bay Area chapter steering committee member and active in a new giving circle – API Giving Project. Daniel holds a BS in Human Biology from UC San Diego (also his hometown!) and an MPH from Boston University.

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