Christine White, Esq. MBA

Headshot Christine White

Executive Director

Georgia Alliance for Progress

    Christine is an advocate for radical inclusion and structural reform who leverages 20 years at the intersection of business, entertainment, law and social impact. In her role as Executive Director of Georgia Alliance for Progress, Christine facilitates funding a coalition civic engagement and electoral organizations across the state of Georgia. During her tenure, Georgia Alliance supported a coordinated engagement strategy that expanded the electorate by contacting every voter of color in the state 3 to 8 times. As a co-hosts of nationally syndicated, Emmy nominated TV show A Seat at the Table on PBS which elevates issues of race, class, gender and politics in America. A former corporate and entertainment attorney Christine advised business and organizational leaders on how to optimize operations, manage risk and maximize their return on investment. During her time as a Prosecutor in Fulton County Georgia, Christine witnessed the horrific effects of poverty, drugs and unjust educational opportunities. In response, Christine continues to support local efforts to change policy, address inequity and serve marginalized communities. A proud graduate of Spelman College, Christine went on to earn an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a juris doctor from John Marshall Law School. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

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