Brian Weeks


    Brian Weeks is the Director of AFSCME’s Political Action Department in Washington, DC, having been appointed by President Lee Saunders in 2012.  As Director, Weeks oversees the union’s political strategy and resource allocation decisions at the federal, state and local level.  The Political Department also has responsibility for state legislative issues and federal PAC fundraising.  Before assuming the role of Director, Weeks served as the Assistant Director for AFSCME’s Political Department, where he oversaw the department’s field staff, campaign and state battleground operations.  Before joining the department in Washington, Brian was AFSCME’s political and legislative director in Wisconsin, where he directed the PEOPLE PAC, the Take Back America program, and managed the operations of AFSCME Council 11.  Brian worked on numerous campaigns in Wisconsin, serving as consultant to Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle’s successful re-election campaign and managing the 2004 Democratic Coordinated Campaign.

    Brian has extensive experience in the electoral arena, having worked on candidate campaigns and ballot initiatives in over 20 states.  He served as field director for Al Gore during the Iowa Caucuses in 2000 and managed the Iowa Coordinated Campaign in 1998, which helped elect the first Democratic Governor in 30 years.  Brian began his career in Wisconsin politics, working for former Wisconsin Congressmen Les Aspin and Peter Barca.