Ashish Sinha

Prior to his work on civic engagement, Ashish led organizing, advocacy and communications efforts for nuclear arms control organizations. In 2009, Ashish co-led the national field campaign which resulted in the successful ratification of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the United States and Russia. He worked to advocate for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, lobbied on Capitol Hill against destabilizing nuclear weapons programs, and represented peace activists at the United Nations in support of multi-lateral negotiations on arms control issues.

After his work in nuclear arms control, Ashish worked on the 2014 Independent Voter Registration Report which analyzed non-partisan voter registration efforts from over 100 organizations during the 2014 Election Cycle. The report, produced each election cycle since 2008, provides the civic engagement field insights into who was registered as part of independent voter registration efforts, insights into how voter registration efforts were driven during an election cycle, as well as challenges facing organizations conducting voter registration efforts.

Since joining FCCP in 2015, Ashish has helped contribute to an expansion and deepening of FCCP’s programming through his work on the Annual Convening, the briefing series, and through his leadership on the Theory of Impact and State Circles.

When not at FCCP, Ashish can be found exploring the world through impromptu trips and his library card.