Madeleine Cáceres

Madeleine Cáceres (they/them) serves as the Operations Coordinator with the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation and believes in the complementary, integral roles of grassroots organizing, direct action, service, research, and litigation to create lasting sociopolitical change.

Maya Graham

Maya Graham (she/her) serves as Program Manager at FCCP. Previously, she served as principal at her consultancy centered around social impact and organizational growth strategies, with a special emphasis on democratic development.

Elizabeth Shapiro

Elizabeth Shapiro (she/her) joins FCCP as Membership and Development Director. She will lead FCCP’s donor cultivation activities and develop member-engagement programs to deepen support for FCCP’s work and civic engagement grantmaking.

Jocelyn Bissonnette

Jocelyn Bissonnette (she/her) is the Director of FCCP’s Funders Census Initiative (FCI), where she mobilizes funders to participate and invest in the 2020 Census with a focus on historically undercounted communities, including communities of color, low-income and mixed-status households, and young children.

Kristin Purdy

Kristin Purdy (she/her) has dedicated her career to engaging communities and helping build local power for positive change.