Trevor Ostbye

Trevor Ostbye is a Senior Program Associate at Democracy Fund. He leads the organization’s work on pro-voter reform and voting rights at the state level.

Christian Arana

Christian strongly believes in the promise of America, and that begins first with California’s estimated 15 million Latinos.

Erica Teasley Linnick

Erica Teasley Linnick is a senior program officer with the Democracy Fund of Open Society-U.S.,

Chera Reid

Chera Reid serves as director of strategic learning, research, and evaluation for The Kresge Foundation.

Estevan Muñoz-Howard

Estevan Muñoz-Howard is the Director of Program Strategy at the Marguerite Casey Foundation, which supports leaders, scholars and initiatives focused on building power for communities that have been excluded from shaping how society works and from sharing in its rewards and freedoms.

Julie Fernandes

Julie joined RFF in 2018.  Prior to RFF, she served as the Open Society Foundation’s director for Voting Rights & Democracy.

Melissa Beck

Prior to joining EFA, Melissa was CEO of Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT), a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing access to justice for children and families throughout New York State.

Florencia Gutierrez

Florencia Gutierrez has worked at the Annie E. Casey Foundation for the past 10 years.

Jesse Beason

Jesse leads the Northwest Health Foundation in pursuit of its vision of health for everyone in Oregon and Southwest Washington.