Upcoming Census Webinars

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Wednesday, April 24 at 6:30PM ET: Engaging the AANHPI LGBTQ Community

This webinar will discuss common myths about the LGBTQ community and the census and how organizations can be more inclusive of the LGBTQ community with regards to their census communication and outreach. The webinar will go over basics of the census – what it is, why it is important to participate, and the importance of data disaggregation for our communities. We will also review the most difficult questions for the LGBTQ community on the census form, how they overlap with the Race Question, and how to overall engage the AANHPI LGBTQ community on the census.


Meghan Maury, Policy Director at the National LGBTQ Task Force

Glenn Magpantay, Executive Director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA)

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Wednesday, May 8 at 1pm Eastern: Part 3 – Enumeration of Group Quarters & Transitory Locations

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  • Cara Brumfield, Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality
  • Meghan Maury, National LGBTQ Taskforce
  • Terri Ann Lowenthal, Census Consultant
  • Moderated by: Christian Arana, Latino Community Foundation

Wednesday, June 12 at 1pm Eastern: Census Operations Part 4 – Nonresponse Follow Up

Wednesday, August 14 at 1pm: Census Operations Part 5 – Tips for Organizers Engaging in GOTC

Wednesday, September 11 at 1pm: Census Operations Part 6 – How to Monitor the Count in Real Time