Making Money for Impact- 10 Approaches to Revenue for Social Change

By New Media Ventures

Develop more robust business models for sustaining your impact.

For impact-driven organizations, making money isn’t just about hitting the bottom line. It’s about resilience. Revenue is the means by which we make — and continue to grow — our impact. In the context of last week’s election results, the financial sustainability of impact-driven organizations is more critical than ever to ensure that the progress we’ve made on social, racial and environmental justice continues forward.

This guide can help funders — both donors and investors — learn how they can better support impact groups.

While these models may be familiar in a commercial context, we have found that social enterprises can deploy them in unique ways. In fact, impact groups may be able to uniquely leverage their social missions toward financial sustainability. For example, many impact groups have been able to generate small donor revenue effectively precisely because of their social missions.

Get more background on this white paper. From the innovative to the familiar, you can learn about all of these models, including their strengths and limitations, by downloading the white paper