Key Takeaways

Pathways to Effective State Funding Strategies

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Our February First Monday + Election Series Discussion shared insights and data points uncovered from our first State Funding Survey. We drilled down and looked at Minnesota as a case study to understand how coordinating bodies, intermediaries, national and in-state funders are all operating from the lens of that one state. In this conversation, you will hear key highlights of the state funding landscape, how funders are approaching longer-term power-building investments in states, and what pathways can be created to more effectively align grantmakers to support the field.

Moderated by:

Alexis Anderson-Reed, FCCP


Steven Cole-Schwartz, The Partnership Funds
Denise Cardinal, WIN Minnesota
Renee Fazari, Philanthropic Consultant
Ashish Sinha, FCCP

Access the recording + slides here (Only available to FCCP members)

Key Takeaways:

  • National Funders can only devote time and resources to go so deep in terms of relationship-building and understanding within a state. State Funders are often better positioned to develop the type of deep engagement with organizations and communities which can ground funding in the realities of the area.
  • State Funders can serve a role of a “match-maker” for National Funders looking to understand the landscape of field organizations who may fit in with their priorities as well as gaps in building power within the state for the long-term.
  • Real-time funding data provides the necessary signposts for funders to be able to more effectively connect with others investing in their state and to keep up to date on shifts occurring in their priority areas of focus.
  • FCCP’s State Funding Survey showed remarkable alignment between Members’ state funding goals + priorities.
  • Nearly 100% of funders were willing to share data with other funders invested in the same state.

Contact Ashish Sinha for additional information about the data collected as part of the State Funding Survey as well as about our pilot State Funding Circle project.