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Two Sides of the Same Coin: Public-Private Partnerships + Money in Politics

While we often focus on the impact that campaign contributions have on our democracy, efforts to privatize public services is an insidious way that corporations are gaining control over government. This resource features the recording, slides, reports and Key Takeaways from this webinar which focused on how we can harness collective grassroots power to overcome this rigged system and its corrosive influence on our democracy.

Philanthropy for Democracy: Exploring Foundation Support for U.S. Democracy

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This webinar featured an online tour of the publicly-available Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy data-visualization platform that captures the range of democracy-related activities that foundations have supported from 2011 to present. This resource features a background of the tool, features, use cases and other helpful links including instructions for how to become an e-reporter of your democracy-related grantmaking data.

Census 2020: New Tools to Support a Fair + Accurate Count

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Learn about two new tools that will provide you with valuable data to inform your strategy, support your grantees, and invest your resources as you prepare for Census 2020. This resource includes the webinar recording, slide decks, a list of Key Takeaways and additional online resources to support your efforts.

Defining Civic Engagement

  • Fact Sheet
A collection of definitions that show how various philanthropic institutions define civic engagement and how it connects to their strategies for change. This resource is part of the FCCP "Civic Engagement Matters" curriculum toolkit.

JUNE FIRST MONDAY DISCUSSION: The Third Branch – Why Courts Matter + What Philanthropy Can Do

This discussion examined why the courts matter to all the substantive issues we care about, and offers new thinking about how best to engage the public as third-branch defenders. Speakers discussed how foundations can support work that affirms the courts as an independent check on power, and as an important bulwark against anti-democratic forces. This resource includes the webinar recording, our list of key takeaways and contact information to learn more.