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Member Resource FCI Presents: Celinda Lake on Census Public Opinion Research

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Learn about public opinion research on the Census by Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners. This briefing will provide you guidance on best practices for talking about the Census and the American Community Survey (ACS), which messages work best for different demographic groups, and other data on the Census and ACS.

Member Resource David vs. Goliath: How Arizona Advocates Won Victories in the Fight Against Extremism

In this webinar, we explore the story of Arizona and the lessons we can learn from local leaders about the context of politics and organizing in Arizona, the findings from an evaluation of the One Arizona Voter Engagement Table, and the strategies that were most effective in supporting the work of leaders taking charge of the agenda in their state during the 2016 elections.


David vs. Goliath: How Arizona Advocates Won Victories in the Fight Against Extremism

Despite a 2016 election season which saw the rise of xenophobic rhetoric, advocates in Arizona have surprised many by successfully pushing back against anti-immigrant bills in the state legislature, defeating leading anti-immigration figure Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and winning a ballot initiative to increase the state’s minimum wage.

Member Resource FCCP’s 2016 Webinar Recordings

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FCCP’s First Monday Discussions, rapid-response briefings and other webinars put the spotlight on timely topics to help you prepare for the elections and stay at the forefront of civic engagement trends and practices. Driven by funders and informed by the field, these regular virtual discussions provided an ongoing forum for our learning community. This resource includes a description of each event and access to the recordings.

Member Resource The Census Policy Framework: Field + Communications Actions

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With the decennial census just a few years away, a number of key policy decisions are being made that will determine whether we have a fair and accurate census. This framework provides advocacy strategies for policies that support a full enumeration and for protection of the American Community Survey (ACS).

Census Update: Measuring A Diverse America in the 2020 Census

When Americans fill out their 2020 Census forms, they will have more choices for identifying their race, ethnicity, and national origin than ever before. It is almost a cliché: we are an increasingly diverse nation — a factor that permeated much of the 2016 election dialogue. No wonder, then, that the census questions on race and ethnicity generate more interest, scrutiny, criticism, and debate than any others.

Census 2020 Action Plan

Like many other institutions in the United States, foundations rely on census data to craft policies, plan initiatives, deliver services and promote economic and social justice. The Democracy Funders Collaborative Census Subgroup has developed two resources to help ensure a fair and accurate census as required by the U.S. Constitution.