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  • The Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation serves leaders in philanthropy who are working to further our vision of an inclusive and equitable democracy. To learn about FCCP membership, benefits, and dues, or to apply to be a member, please visit our Join page.
  • To access exclusive, member-only resources such as webinar recordings and funder tools, login to FCCP’s member portal.

Program Information

  • To keep tabs on our upcoming FCCP and partner events such as webinars, convenings, and other conversations, please check out our events page.
  • To get involved in U.S. Census work, please access the Funders Census Initiative webpage. The Funders Census Initiative 2020 (FCI) is a working group helping to mobilize philanthropic engagement towards a fair and accurate 2020 Census through outreach, education, resource development, and technical assistance. To keep up with key developments in the census field, you can also request to join the FCI Listserv.
  • To learn how funders can invest in redistricting, you can review our redistricting resources. The 2021-2022 redistricting cycle that follows the 2020 Census is a critical opportunity for communities to build power, ensure equitable political representation, and address systemic inequities for the next decade. If you are a philanthropic institution, you can also request to join the Redistricting Listserv to stay updated on issues related to congressional apportionment and redistricting.