Nominate a 2019 Convening Location

We’re Taking Nominations Through Friday, August 11th.

FCCP is getting a head start on planning for our 2019 convening and we need help from our network on selecting a location!

To guide your submission, we have developed a set of loose criteria for what we think makes an excellent host city (nominated locations do not need to meet every standard). FCCP’s Advisory Board and staff will use these nominations to do further research and outreach and will announce the 2019 location during our 2018 convening.

Please nominate a location through the form below.

Selection Criteria

Please note that nominated locations do not need to meet every standard.

  • At least three local or regional funders willing to serve on the local host committee and commit time and financial resources
  • Support from the local Regional Association strongly preferred
  • City cannot have hosted a convening within the previous five years (see list below)
  • Not in the same region as the previous two-three convenings
  • Compelling state and regional dynamics/an ecosystem of changemakers and issues that are timely and/or provide lessons that can be applied to other states or regions
  • Availability of a convening-specific grant to underwrite a portion of the event
  • Strong consideration will be given to locations that are easy to get to and affordable

List of Prior Convening Locations

  • 2017: Atlanta, GA
  • 2016: Minneapolis, MN
  • 2015: Washington, DC
  • 2014: San Francisco, CA / Washington, DC
  • 2013: San Antonio, TX / Washington, DC
  • 2012: Charlotte, NC / Washington, DC
  • 2011: Portland, OR / Washington, DC

Nominate a Location