Joseph S. Salvo Bio

Joseph J. Salvo is Director of the Population Division at the New York City Department of City Planning. The Population Division serves as the city’s in-house demographic consultant, providing expertise to agencies for a whole host of applications involving assessments of need, program planning and targeting, and policy formulation. He has testified before Congress, served as an advisor to the Census Bureau and the National Academy of Sciences, and is a former President of the Association of Public Data Users.

Dr. Salvo is co-editor of the Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census (CQ Press, 2012) and co-author of The Newest New Yorkers: 2013, the latest in a series of publications that provide a comprehensive look at the city’s foreign-born population. In addition, he has co-authored articles on settlement patterns of race/ethnic groups, census methods, and survey evaluation. As Chief Demographer, Dr. Salvo is presently leading a team making technical preparations for the 2020 Census and is active nationally in promoting the use of methods that will provide a more accurate count of the city’s population. He received M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Fordham University, is a recipient of the Sloan Public Service Award from the Fund for the City of New York, and a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.