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FCCP 2019 Annual Convening

  • In Person
  • Convening

Moving Forward Together: People, Power, and Justice As we gather for FCCP’s 2019 Convening, with critical questions facing our democracy, a powerful upswell of organizing and engagement has helped reshape what appears possible for 2020 and beyond. FCCP members and our extended philanthropic network stand at an inflection point: 2020 will mark a year of national elections and the decennial census, continued assaults against the rule of law, and critical policy battles being fought at state and national levels. Impacts…

June 2019

Using Data to Build a More Reflective Democracy

  • Online
  • Webinar

A crucial measure of democracy is the extent to which elected leaders reflect the communities they serve. The more that elected bodies resemble the demographics of their districts, the more likely it is that lawmakers will share and champion constituent priorities over special interests. However, building a reflective democracy requires the implementation of key reforms that will make elected office more accessible and accountable to underrepresented communities. Across the country, advocates are making creative use of data to communicate the…

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