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Funders’ Committee 2024 Annual Convening

Renaissance Phoenix Downtown 100 N. 1st Street, Phoenix

They say when we fall or fail, it’s often easier to stay down than to find the energy and resolve to rise up and keep going. To rise and show people that what you do matters. To rise in pursuit of inclusivity, human dignity, and opportunity. To rise with understanding the difference between a handout and a hand […]

Generative Artificial Intelligence: What Is It and Its Impacts on Elections?: An FCCP Fireside Chat for Funders

With the start of 2024, we have embarked on a pivotal elections’ cycle, and the growing threat of artificial intelligence plagues our civic participation. By definition, generative artificial intelligence (GAI) focuses on creating new and original content, synthetic data and even deep fakes, which are not always easy to distinguish. GAI has the ability to […]