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June 5, 2017 3:00pm - 4:00pm EDT


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Ashish Sinha

This event is open to funders and invited speakers only. 

Voting rights, campaign finance regulations, civil rights, and other core premises of our democracy – including the very rule of law – may be under serious assault by the executive and Congress in the coming years, with similar attacks expected at the state level. State and federal are our forgotten democratic institutions, forming a check on the excesses of other branches and, in the best cases, defending the rights of the least powerful among us. But the public knows next to nothing about what courts do, let alone how we choose our judges.

This discussion will examine why the courts matter to all the substantive issues we care about, and offers new thinking about how to engage the public as third branch defenders. Speakers will discuss how foundations can support work that affirms the courts as an independent check on power, and as an important bulwark against anti-democratic forces.



As with all FCCP events, the subject matter is strictly limited to non-partisan discussion as outlined in the agenda.