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January 9, 2017 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

Despite a 2016 election season which saw the rise of xenophobic rhetoric, advocates in Arizona have surprised many by successfully pushing back against anti-immigrant bills in the state legislature, defeating leading anti-immigration figure Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and winning a ballot initiative to increase the state’s minimum wage. How was this possible? These victories did not come overnight.

In 2010, Arizona became ground-zero for anti-immigration efforts, drawing national attention after the passage of the state’s “show me your papers law.” Ten organizations responded by banding together to form One Arizona, aimed at promoting full electoral participation of Latino citizens – particularly among infrequent and first-time voters.  Join us as we explore the story of Arizona and the lessons we can learn from local leaders about the context of politics and organizing in Arizona, the findings from an evaluation of the One Arizona Voter Engagement Table, and the strategies that were most effective in supporting the work of leaders taking charge of the agenda in their state.

Moderated by Anita Khashu, Four Freedoms Fund


  • Ian Danley, One Arizona
  • Abril Gallardo, Arizona Center for Empowerment
  • John Loredo, Arizona Donor Collaborative