Dwayne Patterson

Partnership for Southern Equity

Serves as the Director of Regional Organizing and Civic Engagement for the Partnership for Southern Equity. He is a respected southern-based strategist with strong field-tested organizer experience.  He is a gifted speaker, activist and social entrepreneur born in New York with deep ancestral ties to the American South.  After leading an intense and successful campaign as an undergraduate to secure a mandatory Black Studies program as a scholar activist at North Carolina A&T State University, Dwayne continued to utilize organizing as his primary tools for supporting collective change at both the organizational and community level.



Dwayne’s over 20 years of community service includes serving on the boards of the Fund for Southern Communities and the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center.  He has also played a central and pivotal design team role that yielded in the development and execution of new social change entities including the Social Justice Institute of the Southern Partners Fund, THINK/South East as well as Check Pro. He is also committed to providing support to young men and boys of color seeking to increase to increase sustainability and effectiveness across the country.


Dwayne Holds a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina A&T State University.  With his many years of solid authentic community service and activism, Dwayne is considered by his multi-generational peers to be the “living legacy” of the struggle for justice and equity past down to him by the many of the transformational leaders of the 60’s and 70’s.  He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife of twenty-one years and twin daughters.