Census Appropriations Advocacy

A Surgical Strategy

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Census Appropriations Advocacy: A Surgical Strategy is an in-depth look at efforts to advocate for federal appropriations to support a fair and accurate 2020 Census. The case is one of two such products; the other explores advocacy against inclusion of a citizenship question. While these cases stand alone, they can also be understood within results from the evaluation of the multi-year national initiative of the Census Subgroup, a part of the Democracy Funders Collaborative.

This case describes how a coalition of nonprofit organizations working as part of a broader collaborative played a central role in putting necessary federal census funding back on track. It highlights the advocacy efforts during three critical fiscal years from 2018–2020.

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This report is part of a series to assess the work undertaken by the philanthropic and nonprofit community to promote a fair and accurate 2020 census. This includes qualitative and quantitative research by ORS Impact and Barsoum Policy Consulting, vignettes describing the census activities undertaken in each of the states, lessons learned from digital efforts, and more. These reports are hosted on the Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation website. Each was commissioned by the Democracy Funders Collaborative Census Subgroup as an independent voice describing the work that was undertaken related to the 2020 census.