Adrianne Shropshire is the Executive Director of BlackPAC, a national Super PAC and it’s affiliated c4 the Black Progressive Action Coalition (BPAC).   Both organizations are committed to galvanizing the political power of Black voters through research, issue engagement, advocacy, and mobilization.  Adrianne’s movement work began in South LA as a community organizer in the aftermath of the Rodney King beating and subsequent uprising in 1992.  She organized in South LA neighborhoods around police accountability, economic justice, and youth empowerment.  She has used her experience as a community builder to lead labor/community coalitions and work across faith communities.  Adrianne has worked on electoral campaigns from Los Angeles to New York and has helped to build model integrated voter engagement programs across the country.

Adrianne has been a leader in the donor collaboration space, developing shared investment strategies among donor partners and raising and moving tens of millions of dollars to c3 and c4 organizing and civic engagement organizations around the country.  Adrianne has worked as a political consultant and strategist with labor unions, grassroots organizations, and donors, to foster strategic relationships between progressive stakeholders at the national and state level.