2021 Convening

About the 2021 Convening

2021 has been a year of both reflection and purpose, of dynamic change and robust opportunity. Against all odds — through a profoundly challenging pandemic, painfully racialized violence, and the erosion of truth and justice — democracy endured in 2020. And, not only did it endure, it affirmed the critically important role communities of color continue to play at the forefront of protecting democracy and the deep roots in communities that must continue to be cultivated to ultimately build power. Long term, sustained investments serve a vital role in supporting this work. As a network, we have taken in what is happening around us, and we have adapted, which itself is a triumph during these demanding moments. Because of this important work, 2021 brings with it real opportunity to shape what democracy looks like through thoughtful grantmaking that prioritizes durable power building, good governance, and racially just policies.

Thank you for joining us for our 2021 Convening, where we examined this unique moment and what it will take to continue to move democracy forward. We heard from leaders throughout the civic engagement space who are advancing this work, everyday, across the country. We explored the progress, challenges, and unique environments that funders and field organizations face in our states and how these efforts are translated nationally. Together, we looked at what we can do as a collective network to ensure our democracy is responsive and just, through supporting efforts like countering voter suppression, ensuring fair redistricting, building shared power among individuals, communities, officials, and institutions, and much more. 2021 can be a year that moves democracy forward if we uplift and work in collaboration with one another. Thank you for taking these next steps forward together.

Our convening was open to all funders and donor advisors (regardless of FCCP membership status), philanthropy serving organizations, and invited speakers.

Announcing Our 2021 Keynote

This year, we welcomed our keynote for our 2021 Convening, Se-ah-dom Edmo of Seeding Justice! We heard from Se-ah-dom on how she moves philanthropy forward, through putting her deep commitment to organizing for racial and social justice into practice.


Se-ah-dom Edmo
Executive Director, Seeding JusticeSe-ah-dom Edmo, Shoshone-Bannock, Nez Perce & Yakama, is Seeding Justice’s Executive Director. She brings deep experience in community organizing for racial and social justice work across the nation. She is co-editor of the Tribal Equity Toolkit 3.0: Tribal Resolutions and Codes for Two Spirit and LGBT Justice in Indian Country and American Indian Identity: Citizenship, Membership & Blood. Prior to joining Seeding Justice, she served as the Sovereignty Program Director at Western States Center where she was the coalition convener of Tribal History: Shared History (Senate Bill 13, 2017) in Oregon – this law established and funded teaching of Indian History and Sovereignty in K – 12 Schools across the state. A hallmark of her career has been fostering relationships and collaborations between tribes and organizations that do social, racial, environmental, and economic justice work across the region. She is currently a member of the Steering Committee of Oregon Recovers and is an ALF Senior Fellow. She lives in Portland with her husband James and their children Siale, Imasees and Miyosiwin, as well as her parents, Ed and Carol Edmo.Se-ah-dom’s ancestors are from Celilo, a fishing village along the Columbia River and one of the oldest known settlements in the West.

Convening Agenda At-A-Glance

2021 Convening Planning Committee

Evan Bacalao

Amalgamated Foundation
Evan Bacalao previously served as a program officer with the Open Society Foundations, where he managed a range of civic participation and advocacy initiatives focused on the resilience and representativeness of U.S. Read More…
Headshot: Trevor Ostbye

Trevor Ostbye

Cities Forward
Trevor Ostbye is the Executive Director of Cities Forward. He leads efforts to support local government in prioritizing public outreach and civic engagement. Read More…

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