2019 Convening

Call for Ideas

Moving Forward Together: People, Power, and Justice

Call for Ideas Deadline Extended! Deadline is Thursday, June 20th


As we gather for FCCP’s 2019 Convening, with critical questions facing our democracy, a powerful upswell of organizing and engagement has helped reshape what appears possible for 2020 and beyond. FCCP members and our extended philanthropic network stand at an inflection point: 2020 will mark a year of national elections and the decennial census, continued assaults against the rule of law, and critical policy battles being fought at state and national levels. Impacts from the year ahead will chart a new course for the country and fundamentally redefine who counts and has agency to shape the political agenda.

Join us this November in Detroit. Together, we will draw inspiration from past and present examples of people in the region organizing to overcome obstacles and achieve a better future for their community. In just two years, Michigan swiftly turned the page to become a leader in democracy reform and representation: thwarting gerrymandering, passing pro-voter ballot measures, mobilizing for the 2020 Census, and electing a wave of women to office.

Together, we will examine the prominent dynamics that will shape our nation’s future: rising distrust in government and institutions to serve the needs of communities; challenges to voting rights; assaults on labor; the impact of money on politics; battles over racial, gender, and reproductive justice; anti-semitism; Islamophobia; widening socioeconomic gaps; funding and engagement boom and bust cycles; census historically hard-to-count areas; and so much more.

FCCP will bring together grantmakers, thought leaders, and changemakers in strategic dialogue. We will discuss our challenges, learn from shining examples that are propelling our democracy and equitable participation, and identify opportunities for collaboration as we move forward together to build a just and equitable democracy.


Goals for our Convening

  1. Build local power. Serve as an engine to spark greater understanding of the dynamics in Michigan and the Midwest, to highlight successes and challenges in the region, but also tell a story that is applicable in other states and nationally.
  2. Seize the Moment & Be Forward Thinking. Balance short-term wins with aspirational victories. Ensure funders are prepared for the 2020 election, and create a forum to discuss and learn about building long-term change to achieve an effective, inclusive and accountable democracy.
  3. Center racial equity. The convening will uplift the intersections of social justice issues and democracy, identity and politics, and movements and civic engagement, to learn and continue to develop promising practices to implement more integrated funding strategies, informed by the field and centered in racial equity.
  4. Shift Thinking + Practices. We will create a space for deep thinking, planning, and collaboration for funders to develop aligned strategies to adjust to new realities, opportunities, and challenges, and lean into points of tension, not shy away. Acknowledging that the Convening has an end-point, we will encourage funders to create processes to follow-up with interested participants seeking to shift practices following the event.
  5. Build community. Be an engaging, fun and inviting space for new and long standing members alike to come together in community.

Call for Ideas Submissions Are Now Open!

The below form is intended for funders and philanthropic serving organizations. If you are a practitioner, please visit this link to submit your ideas!