2018 Election Series

Thank you for joining us for the 2018 Election Series

Over the past year, we have come together as a Philanthropic community to discuss key issues facing the 2018 Elections together. This series provided a space for peer discussion around funding priorities, and connected grantmakers across a wide range of issue and strategic focuses. Thank you to our cosponsors and partners in helping to make this series happen!

Below, please find links to recordings to our 2018 Election Series Discussions:

January: 5 Legal Rules Every Foundation Should Know for the 2018 Elections

February: Pathways to Effective State Funding Strategies

March: Rethinking Democracy Through Electoral Reform

April: Holding off the Hackers, Defending our Demoracy

July: Funding for Cultural Change: Creating and Meeting the Moment

August: SCOTUS + The 2018 Elections: Opportunities and Implications for c3 Funders

August + September: Rapid Response Needs for the 2018 Elections

  • Contact Ashish Sinha (asinha@funderscommittee.org) for resources on Rapid Response Needs for the 2018 Elections.

October: Capturing Election Momentum for Building Power

Additionally, please find links to resources provided by our Partners + Members around the Elections!


Wilburforce Foundation + Alliance for Justice

  • Over the next two weeks, send a message to your grantees asking them reach out to their audiences to encourage voting. A message template (see below, drafted by Bolder Advocacy) may be helpful to you in communicating with your grantees. Also included sample tweets that participants can use on social media.
  • On or just before Election Day, use your own social media channels to encourage people to get out and vote. The same sample tweets can be sent by foundations. If you decide to customize the message and need advice, the team at Bolder Advocacy (advocacy@afj.org) is happy to help.


Democracy Fund

Democracy Fund has relaunched electionline.org — adding functionality and opportunities for training and job/resource posting, an election events calendar, and of course, daily news about election administration and voting policy.  Check out a blog from Stacey Scholl on the website: https://www.democracyfund.org/blog/entry/democracy-fund-relaunches-electionline
Separately, linked on the homepage of electionline.org is the Democracy Fund’s new research report from Natalie Adona and Paul Gronke, using CCES data from 2008-2016 to get a view on how voters are viewing the voting process— their knowledge about state law and practice, their views on trust in elections.  You can review and download the report here:
This report covers:
  • Mode of voting preference
  • Tolerance for waiting in line
  • Knowledge of Voter ID requirements
  • Poll Worker job performance
  • Measures of trust in the elections process
  • How partisanship and winner’s effect affects the view of the voting process
  • And much, much more…

State Voices

Our Home Stretch report details the work our state tables are doing as we prepare for the 2018 midterms. Our network is working tirelessly to register every eligible voter, organize Get Out The Vote drives, call and text every constituent, and knock on every last door to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.