Combating Polarizing Narratives

Proactive Strategies from the Field

Monday, June 27, 2016

The 2016 election-year outcomes continue to give voice to racist, xenophobic and divisive attitudes towards vulnerable communities.  This discussion is about the role that philanthropy can play in supporting proactive strategies to combat these polarizing narratives. Grounded in the experience of advocates working to counter Islamophobia, we explored how this community has faced the headwinds caused by terrorism, the global refugee crisis and political candidate rhetoric. You will learn about some of the latest research, messaging guidance and organizing which is helping to guide national strategies and glean lessons these campaigns learned that you can apply to you and your grantee’s work in supporting other communities of interest.

Moderated by Shireen Zaman, Security & Rights Collaborative


  • Lynn Fahselt, ReThink Media
  • Asha Noor, National Network for Arab American Community