Ballot Initiatives Making a Mark on Your Grantee’s Cause

Monday, April 4, 2016

From clean elections and election reform to marriage equality, environmental protections and the fight for a better minimum wage, ballot measure campaigns can be an effective and proactive tool that your grantees can use to advance public discourse and policy change around their issues.  Listen to the in-depth conversation with the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center about the valuable role that 501(c)(3) foundations can play in contributing to the success of these campaigns. Learn about:

  • Key 2016 campaigns and what to watch for 2018
  • How and when 501(c)(3) funding best supports ballot initiatives
  • Resources that you can tap to learn more and stay up to date

Moderated by Roxanne Stachowski, Rockefeller Family Fund


  • Justine Sarver, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center