Report: Analysis Of The Florida Redistricting Amendments On Minority Rights (Community Census And Redistricting Institute/Southern Coalition For Social Justice)

Several constitutional amendments relating to how redistricting is done in Florida are slated for the ballot in Fall 2010.  These amendments present concerns for legal and grassroots minority voting rights advocates.  In order to understand the impact these amendments could have on the voting rights of Florida’s minority population, this analysis will review the law currently governing redistricting and minority voting rights.

The Analysis of the Florida Redistricting Amendments on Minority Rights covers the following

  • Texts of the Amendments
  • Reasons for the Amendments
  • Voting Rights Act Overview
  • Compactness
  • Non-Partisan Redistricting
  • Racial Gerrymandering
  • More Protection from Amendments 5 & 6?
  • Effects of Amendment 7

Southern Coalition for Social Justice

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